Report on “Amir”

Amir was a 5 day event occurring in the basement of the Rooberoo Mansion from December 24th to 28th, 2018.

The chamber was a 9 meters square and its entrance was closed with glass and only half a meter below was open. In the center of the room was a pylon strip bar, and also the chamber contained the personal belongings needed for Amir’s life. This was Amir’s life in these 5 days. In the courtyard was a monitor that played live camera footage inside the room.

During these 5 days, Amir would do his personal work, eat, defecation, read books, watch movies, and sleep. But as he felt any spectator’s presence he began to dance using the bar. If the audience wanted to see Amir in any other state besides dancing, they had to look through the monitor.