Ehsan Shayanfard (Persian: احسان شایان فرد)

Ehsan Shayanfard
1991-BA, University of Art -Cinema and Theater Faculty

Initially I started studying in Iran University of Science and Technology in 2009. I started my activities in theater from then. After around four years I changed my field and started studying theater at Art University of Tehran.

I directed my first play in 2011. I was interested in theater, performance and studies. Since 2015, seeing the contrast of what has been happening in society and the theater scene, I’ve tried to create performances in unconventional spaces like garages, open spaces, etc.

I founded idlearts, To develop ideas, work, and study on common concerns.
Current members are artists from different backgrounds including: Theatre, performance, film, visual arts, coding and literature.

My recents work involves contemporary issues of art, society and politics in context of my everyday life.


|Concept and Direction of the Light Desk, an one-audience Performance, 1 to 7 December 2018, Summer 2020, Rooberoo Mansion
|Direction of Radio city, a documentary performance, based on life and work of a theater group in 40th decade of Iran, written by Maham Meiqany
Feb 2020, Rooberoo mansion.
|Concept and Direction of Warm-Up Performance, 37th FITF, 18-19 Feb 2019 and 21th IIUTF, 09-12 May 2018, Roudaki Foundation
|Concept and Direction of the idle arts`s rehearsal-performance, 36th Fadjr Intl Theatre Festival, 24 Jan 2018, Aftab Theater
|Concept and Direction of ORGAN SOLO,
-Tehran- 7th Untimely Dance Festival and 16, 17, 22, 23 Sep 2017, Rooberoo Mansion Studio
|Designer of IT, December 2017, Rooberoo Mansion Open Space
|Designer of ÉPÉE, 6 Hour Performance, 4 December 2017, Rooberoo Mansion Open Space
|Concept and Direction of ASYLUM,
– November/December 2015 – Roudaki Foundation
-17th IIUTF May 2014, professor Samandarian Hall, university of Tehran, faculty of fine art
|Concept, design and Direction of SHENEL GHERMEZI(Red Riding Hood)
-18th IIUTF May 2015, honar(Art) Hall
-Poti International Theatre Festival-Georgia 27 July 2016
|Writer, designer and director of FORTI
-32th Intl Fadjr theatre festival Tehran, February 2014, City Theatre
-19th international theatre festival of Ankara Turkey, November 2014, Farabi Sahnesi
-16th IIUTF, May 2013, Khane Namayesh(Theatre House) Hall
-14th Experimental Theater Festival in Tehran, March 2012, University of Tehran faculty of fine arts
-Tehran Shamseh theatre festival
|Designer and Director of Tragic Changes of Sir Saad`s Life, written by Hossein Tavazoni zadeh
-October- November 2012, cultural center of Arasbaran, art & experience space
-January 2012, Tehran Shamseh Theatre Festival

Other related Activities

|Member of the Artistic Directors Board of the Performance Department of Rooberoo Mansion, Tehran, Iran, since jan 2018
|Festival Director of 7th National Monologue Festival of Art University of Iran 7 to 12 March 2016
|A member of Amateur society:
|Appreciated For Best Young Director of the Year At Second Ceremony Of Theatre`s Home directors institute For Directing “Tragic Changes of Sir Saad`s Life” 2013
|Interactive Theater Master Class Certificate, Netherlands InterAct Theater & Visual Art Productions, 2011
|Dramaturge and Director consultant in HOUSE ON the WATER directed by Hamid Pourazari and Papatiha Theatre Group, Tehran, August- September 2013, Andisheh Complex
|Member of central council of dramatic arts institute of cinema and theater Faculty of Art University, 2014-2017
|Direction of “an introduction for Performance” for students of the Iran University of Science and Technology at deputy of Art And Culture, Autumn 2014
|Journalist and Member of Redactors Team in CHARSOO Theatre Magazine, Iran University of Science and Technology, 2012-2014
|Direction of interactive plays with free spectators, Tehran, Khane Honarmandan(Artists Forum), Master Entezami Hall, December 2011
|Redactor of bulletin of 6th Monologue Theatre Festival of Art University of Tehran, 2015


37th FITF
-Best Direction

|The Red Riding Hood
18th IIUTF
-Second Best Prize for directing
-Nominated for the lighting, Set Design and directing

16th IIUTF
-Best Play
-Best Director
-Best Playwright
-Second best Actor
1st Tehran Shamse Theatre Festival
-Best Play
-Best Director
-Best Main Actor

|Tragic Changes of Sir Saad`s Life
2nd Tehran Shamse Theatre Festival
-Best Director
-Best Main actor
-Best Music
-Best Playwright
-Honorary Diploma for creativity and innovation