19th Ankara Theatre Festival
19th Ankara Theatre Festival

FORTI is a story of a family which we see their dine in five different night. The Language spoken in this play isn’t Persian or any known language for that matter; But a unique language designed for FORTI.
This language doesn’t mean anything in other places and the meaning is carried through in tone and rhythm of the words. Although all the spoken words have a meaning in the designed language, the audience don’t need know the details of each sentence and expression But the audience’s participation in building up a story based on the work using other Functions of language is in focus.

Performance By:
Ehsan Shayanfard

Hossein Tavazonizadeh
Tina Younestabar
Amin Parvin
Sahar Mohammadi

Ali Hashemi

-32th Intl Fadjr theatre festival Tehran, February 2014, City Theatre
-19th international theatre festival of Ankara Turkey, November 2014, Farabi Sahnesi
-16th IIUTF, May 2013, Khane Namayesh(Theatre House)
-14th Experimental Theater Festival in Tehran, March 2012, University of Tehran faculty of fine arts