Live Coverage

Report on “Live coverage”

“Live Coverage” was performed by Amateur Community from November 23th 2018 to March 29th 2019 in the basement and some part of the courtyard of the Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran, Iran.

There was a glass box in the basement with porterhouse in it, that was connected to the second glass box located in the yard by a pipe. There were two televisions in the second glass box. One of them had been showing the live coverage of the meat rotting in real time. And the other one kept on repeating the same early minutes of the meat. This process continued until the end of January 2019. By the time the meat was noticeably rotten and there was a huge visual difference between the two televisions.

Then the glass box containing the meat was transferred to the yard and next to it was a smash downed television set, Written on box: Live coverage.

There were printed papers on the glass boxes which contained these words:
“The body is declining here. But Do the deterioration is the thing that matters or showing the process?
The deterioration of matter by its presence in the environment, in an environment that no longer resists this deterioration, stops and waits for its end, leaving nothing behind. But at the same time, we find the object self-displaying and does not move. It is the media that drives us into the illusion of movement and as the omniscient shapes our perceptions. It actually determines what we see in our daily life in a different way, and makes it believable; so much that we don’t replace the feeling we have and always think of suspension  as a sign of movement.”