Ehsan Shayanfard (*1991), Director
Studied Dramatic literature at Tehran University of Art and has been working as a theater director since 2011. He directed some onstage theatre and also interactive pieces. Since 2015, he tried to make performances in unconventional spaces, like garages, open spaces, and backstages.
He founded ( as an independent group that is involved in social and artistic activities to develop ideas, work, and study common concerns. His recent works involve contemporary issues of art, society, and politics in the context of his everyday life.

Hamid Salehi (*1992), Dramaturge
He works and studies in the fields of philosophy, performance, and film. 

Mohammad Rezaee (*1987), Video Artist
He has been working for more than 10 years, in the fields of video art, video installation, and stop motion. Mohammad didn’t study video art, he is an autodidact. He was the director of photography of more than 10 short films and two long films.
He is also known as a visual artist, sculptor, and Puppet maker.

Tina Younestabar (*1989), Actress/Performer
She has been working as an actress and performer, in almost 30 theater plays and performances with the most alternative groups and directors in Iran. She studied Theater at the Tehran University of Art.
Relation between the artist and society is one of her main concerns. She believes in an actor-Performer dramaturgy and has extended this idea to the roles she has performed. She is currently working on a documentary, based on the life of a prisoner.

Forough Jalilian (*1993), Dramaturge and Dancer
Her university field is theater. Recently, she has been studying contemporary dance.
In her latest project in Tehran, she has conducted studies on Real-Time Composition (RTC). A contemporary dance method by Joao Fiadeiro.