1. A civilization that is constructed based on accumulation of material and mental success, creates a need of emancipation inside us. The civilization of achieving, accumulation of fame, finding popularity, making money, being an artist, becoming a celebrity. In the civilization of success, speed has the main role. Our movement won’t be seen by the values of this civilization. So we would seem passive because we can’t do anything in those values.
2. Our world is the world of representation. The world that teaches us everything it wants by this way and forms us. A way that is in its interests and builds our manner of thought. A world that presents itself as its interests require. Via all the representing tools it has. And gives us an illusion of choosing manners that we haven’t chosen ourselves. Declining this, is a political action. it starts with interrogating and questioning like philosophy. So life, art, philosophy and politic seem cohesive to us and they are ongoing.
3. Art for us has a pre-Socrates gypsy-like concept. Without demanding success, without any slogan for artistic change or any claim of reforming audience or giving a message. With the artist archetype as a mean to supernal world. The stress that audience of work of today’s art carry with themselves, the heavy superior look that they feel from the artist or they induce themselves, don’t exist in idlearts. An idleartist doesn’t present his work of art as a luxury product with surcharge and the pride of a creator.
The idleartist also by getting farther from keywords such as: taste, reception of the audience, producing and selling, valuable and flawless piece, moral and traditional commitment doesn’t have the stress of art. idlearts, by leaving words and values of the accumulation and stress civilization wants to reach absolute action. A primeval and animal feel. A true and valueless experience.
4. All these lines must finally result in act. idlearts, which comes out of existing through the lines above, will carry aesthetics and suggestions on form. These are several keywords for formal factors and aesthetics in Idlearts: representation, suppression, here and now, facing unknown, improvisation existing in the moment, disorderliness, ending a bad situation, creativity challenge and fetishism of the artist. We will make an effort to expand these concepts later.

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