What do you learn from the shape and technique of the anti-protesters police?

This is a rehearsal-performance. Performers begin to perform theatrical exercises. Then they try to bring their experience closer to the experience of military practices. They perform simple moves, such as group walking, running, jumping, and hitting, which will take place in sequential order and guided by a coach. Then they are grouped and put together. Some of them follow the role of the people and some other, the role of repression forces.

The concept of this performance is not specific to a country. This is an existing situation around the world. The situation which you can see today in many countries. Warm-up has come out of my life in a world full of repression.
A world in which, day by day, a group of people learn how to suppress others. With various cultural, religious, political and social forms. We are faced with all of this in our daily life in both the real world and in cyberspace

Here, we’re outsiders trying to imagine how the riot police are practicing.
We only have seen anti-protest police in the streets clashing with actual people.
In this process, depending on the context that we are in, we face different questions. for us those include:

1-  In their practice, how do they represent the people and what do they think of a protest?
2- We are not them, but what is our difference? What are the effects of clothing and social roles on us?
3- What should we learn from their form and technique?

This is done in Tehran for 6 time in a garage used to build equipment,
in 21th IIUTF 2018 and 37th FITF 2019


Concept and Direction:
Ehsan Shayanfard

Performers (alphabetical):
Mohamad Asadi
Babak Beygzadeh
Hamidreza Jamshidi
Amirhossein Hosseini
Babak Kharand
Hamed Rad
Mahdi Soltan
Ehsan Qaredaqi
Sahar Mohamadi
Mahshid Motamedi
Saeed Naderi
Tara Younestabar
Tina Younestabar

Director Consultant:
Hamid Salehi
Forough Jalilian

Directing assistant:
Zeynab Rahmati
Meysam Khavari
Ali Zamani
Mohamad Rezaee

37th FITF
18-19 Feb 2019
21th IIUTF
09-12 May 2018
Kargahe Decor
Roudaki Foundation

 Photos by Ali Zamani, Mitra Hamzeloeia